Meet our Summer Intern, Georgia Morrow! 

31st July 2018

Georgia has joined Annexio this summer after completing her first year at the Isle of Man Business School where she is studying Business Management. During her time at Annexio, Georgia will work alongside each department and gain exposure of each function in the company. 

After being with us for a month, Georgia was kind enough to write some words on her experience so far:

Hi, I’m Georgia!

While on my summer break from my Business Management (BA) Hons Degree course, I am currently working for Annexio as their Office Intern. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a refreshing, stimulating workforce, with a fast growing company that envisions only bigger and better things every day.

My time working at Annexio will allow me to get a feel for the dynamics of company by rotating around various departments beginning with the Marketing, and then moving forth onto Finance and Member Support.

As my first proper job, to say I landed lucky would be an understatement! From their swanky new office location at Fort Anne, to the launch of their new flagship brand LottoGo, it’s fair to say I joined at an exciting time... then add the company’s employee orientated attitude translated through the on-site facilities (including a Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, AND private gym) and you begin to question how this can be called work.

There are plenty of exciting opportunities for me at Annexio, and being a Business student I feel my time with Annexio has enabled me to put the theoretical concepts I learn in the classroom into real life scenarios, also working on the reverse to enhance my studies with my newly acquired knowledge.

Even in the little time I have been here I have been encouraged by my welcoming colleagues to have my say and explore my deepest interests. For me, my passions primarily lie in Sales & Marketing and my time with the Marketing Team has allowed me to actively understand their Affiliate Marketing Operations, engaging with systems such as Google AdWords, in which I am newly qualified. With this I learnt how to carry out responsibilities including updating the online jackpots and operating with the Search and Display Networks, deepening my knowledge on the possibilities of ‘Keywords’. 

Moving forward I’m now excited to venture onto the next chapter of my Annexio journey and join the Finance Department to see what fascinating new challenges may arise.