The Technology

Annexio’s innovative technology is designed with both members and partners in mind.

B2C Products allow members to select their own numbers and sign up for subscription betting on various world lotteries without ever missing a draw. There is also a syndicate entry option, which allows members to increase their chances of winning by subscribing to a group of numbers. Microgaming and PariPlay powered instant win games are also offered in order to provide a full range of popular gaming opportunities to enhance customer experience.

Annexio’s proprietary betting platform comprise a bet purchasing module, a flexible pricing module and robust management tools. The technology has been designed with flexibility and ease as priority, and partners can take advantage of an adaptable front-end interface in order to create a unique and personalised guest site.

The service also includes business support systems to help with the management and running of the operation. This includes reports on player acquisition and retention, LTV, player activity and trends.